FI Water Works Closing and Testing Middle Farms Pond

Dear Neighbors:

The Fishers Island Water Works Corporation began testing Middle Farms Pond on July 27, 2018. We hope to identify and combat the source of contamination. Please join us in thanking Professor Peter A. Raymond of the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies for volunteering his guidance in this effort.

It is heartwarming to see so many Islanders step forward to assist us as learn how to best look after this precious resource. We must also thank the many community-minded Islanders that have already removed their boats from the landing at Middle Farms. The number of boats on the shore has gone down from over twenty a few months ago to just seven. Thank you for your efforts!

If you have not been able to remove your boat due to your absence from the Island or for some other reason, don’t worry. We will be moving unclaimed boats to a secure location, where they can be claimed at a later date. Please contact our office with a description of your boat and arrange a time to pick it up. Claiming your boat can be done until the end of August. However, please don’t procrastinate. Unclaimed boats remaining in our possession after Labor Day will be donated to charity.

You may also be interested to know, we removed three unseaworthy boats that were a source of mosquito breeding at the pond. These boats will soon be taken to the transfer station.

News that we would be closing the pond came as a shock to many. We are very grateful for your support and understanding of this effort. We will be sharing more information on the status of the pond as it becomes available. In the meantime, please look out for this month’s newsletter for more information about the importance of the primary watershed along with an informational piece about tree and shrub trimming in with your July bill. The newsletter is also available on our website (

Again – many thanks for your cooperation.


Chris Finan
President Fishers Island Utility Company

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