FI Waste Mgmt: revised Local Solid Waste Management Plan (LSWMP) & Responsiveness Summary

March 14, 2019

Dear Fellow Fishers Islanders,

The Fishers Island Waste Management District has posted for comment the revised Local Solid Waste Management Plan (LSWMP) and included a Responsiveness Summary.

The submission of this document is required to validate our license with the NYSDEC and to be eligible for grant opportunities. Those of you who have been following our progress over the past year will notice the format and “bones” of this document remain the same although the specifics regarding proposed upgrades have been removed in deference of your observations and concerns. Please note new section (1.6.5.) Changes in Surrounding Land Use and Development.

FIWMD Local Solid Waste Mgmt. Plan March 2019-2030

FIWMD: Appendices 1-5 Draft LSWMP March 2019

FIWMD: Appendix 6 Responsiveness Summary March 2019


As this is a working document that should be revisited every two years, we believe it best to submit it “as is” rather than start over with additional costs. In no way does this document commit the Commission or Fishers Island to any facility upgrades, consolidations or plans. Please send your new comments by April 12, 2019 to:

We will begin anew our efforts to devise a plan that both meets the needs of all Fishers Islanders and recognizes our goal of being good stewards of our island and responsible citizens of a world with ever-shrinking resources and ever-increasing waste.

FIWMD Website Link:

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