FI School Seeks Architectural Proposals

September 21, 2018

The Fishers Island School District is seeking proposals from qualified architectural firms and/or individual professionals to assist in the design of various school renovation, repair, and minor construction projects.

This work will be offered on an “as needed basis” and has the potential to include miscellaneous building renovations, remodels and/or upgrades to the school and district-owned faculty housing.

Scope of Work

1. Schematic design of projects based on school input and previous design specifications to comply with all New York State building codes.

2. Design Development

3. Costing out estimates on the labor, materials and overall cost of potential projects.

4. Identification of the professional services deemed necessary including but not limited to

mechanical, electrical, structural, civil, acoustical engineering.

5. Preparation of specification sheets that the school would send out to potential bidders for

construction- Request for Proposals (RFPs), Bid Proposals, etc.

A “walkthrough” can be held at the request of the prospective proposer. Scheduling of a walkthrough can be completed by calling the main office of Fishers Island School (631-788-7444).

Proposals will be received at the Fishers Islands School Main Office or through email. The deadline to submit proposals is Friday, October 5, 2018. All proposals must include the following to be considered:

  • List of prior work experience
  • Proof of New York Certification and Insurance
  • Letters of Recommendation (2) from similar work completed
  • Daily/Hourly Rate for requested service

Mailing Address:
Fishers Island School
78 Greenwood Road
P.O Box 600
Fishers Island School, NY 06390

Jim Eagan, Business Manager

Phone: (631) 788-7444
Fax: (631) 788-5532

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