FI School Request for Construction Quotes


Dated: January 2, 2020 


The Fishers Island School is seeking quotes for construction for a project to be undertaken at the faculty housing for Fishers Island School (T-1), located at 340 Winthrop Drive.

Project Description:

The existing residence is a brick masonry structure with an architectural roof and Anderson 400 Series windows. The proposed project includes the removal and re-installation of the window in the home office due to leaks at the head of the frame. The window must be removed including all trim at the interior and exterior. At this time the contractor will be expected to evaluate the integrity of the window and determine the viability to re-use the existing unit. Any loose mortar is to be removed and re-pointed at the head of the window. The existing window is to be re-installed behind the plane of the existing brick. The interior and exterior trim is to be replaced to match the existing profiles. The window is to be re-installed per manufacturers’ requirements and recommendations. All flashing and caulking shall be installed to promote positive drainage and eliminate future leaking and deterioration of the building facade. Please call Aly Horn at 631-788-7444 if you would like to schedule a time to view the proposed project.

Quote Submission:

All quotes should be submitted at 78 Greenwood Road (or via mail at PO Box 600), Fishers Island NY before 3:00 on January 13, 2020. In addition to your quote, please provide a construction schedule specifying the anticipated time to complete the project.

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