FI School Art Assignment: Interpret/replicate an artist’s style for this modern time

From the Art Department :

The assignment was to study a well known artist and interpret/replicate their style for this modern time. Below is Lili’s take on Picasso’s line drawing.

“For the artist interpretation, I was inspired by Picasso’s one line drawings.

For the subject matter, I am angered and simultaneously deeply moved by events in our recent national news. As someone with immense privilege, I am trying to channel my frustration into active change. The drawings titled “soft crowd, solidarity” and “angry crowd, solidarity” are both representations of photographs I took last Saturday at a protest.

I think the concept of one line drawings resonates with this topic as well as it shows fluidity and a unity that I think is critical for social change. For these pieces, I used a brush tip paint pen and took photos through a phone app that made them appear digitized.” ~ Lili ’21

View as a collection, or click any image to view them all individually in a larger version.

Thank you to Lili ’21 and Art Teacher Mrs. Sawyer for sharing the work with us.

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