FI Ferry Freight Operations change: Sep 9-Oct 7

Please be advised that the Freight Office on Fishers Island in Building #209 will be closed on Monday, September 9 through Monday, October 7, 2019, for work related to the Building #209’s 2nd floor Walsh Park apartment project.

Small packages and Rx can be picked up during normal freight hours in the garage next to the Reservations/Ticketing office.

Large freight will be in the parking lot behind the freight building. It is important to pick your freight up each day as only small packages will be stored inside overnight. As always, food and refrigerated items MUST be picked up each day.

During the first week of September, (i.e., before Saturday, September 7), it is important for ALL customers to pick up their freight from inside the freight building as there will be NO access to items left in the building during the work week.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and please plan accordingly.

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