FI Ferry Building 209 Freight Operations Disruption

Please be advised that during Thursday – Saturday (August 8/6 thru 8/8) Building 209, the Ferry Freight building, will be closed to allow for interior painting as part of the Walsh Park Building 209 apartments project.

We expect freight operations to be disrupted, but will make every effort to minimize the impact. We will be able to deliver packages from the building throughout the painting process, however, it may not be right away.

1.) Freight delivered Wednesday (and prior) not yet picked up will be available for pick up on Monday, August 10.

2.) Freight delivered Thursday and Friday, and Saturday morning:

  • All outside freight operations (lumber, etc.) and perishables will continue as normal.
  • Rx should also continue as normal.
  • All packages that arrive Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning will either be distributed from the freight staging area from under the tent OR in case of rain we may use the Munnatawket as a package distribution point at the corner/south ramp.

Very Important – items above are subject to change should we see inclement weather.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

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