FI Community Birthday Calendars are Making a Come Back in 2021

The new ICB Welcoming Committee is getting 2021 plans together beginning with delivering homemade cookies to our Island’s newest residents and recreating the Island Birthday Calendar.

Isn’t it so nice to be wished a Happy Birthday or Anniversary?

We are bringing back the well-loved community birthday calendar from here forward. Details are still to be ironed out, but we would like to hear from people who want their name, birthday, and perhaps an anniversary, on the calendar. Just email Amy Harris the names and dates information that you would like to share for your household by February 15th – that is all you need to do!

The calendar will also have ad sponsorship space to help with the printing costs. Let Amy know if you are interested in supporting the calendar project that way.

Many thanks in advance for your support in helping us welcome newcomers to Fishers Island.

Amy Harris,
Mere Doyen
Meg Atkin

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