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LW Session 52 Open Studios

Ferry Annex Studios

Swing by the Annex this Saturday, December 3, from 3-5 PM for OPEN STUDIOS, featuring readings by Session 52 writers Nicky Gonzalez and Becky Mandelbaum, and studio visits with visual artists Maria Britton, Amy Butowicz, and Randi Renate. Session 52 is our final session of the year, so come by and enjoy a last visit with our incredible fellows.

Recurring Event OLOG Mass


Our Lady of Grace Church 233 Alpine Avenue, Fishers Island, NY

This fall there will only be one Mass at Our Lady of Grace each weekend - on Saturday at 5:30 PM.  

FI School BOE Special Meeting

FI School 78 Greenwood Avenue, Fishers Island, NY

Board of Education Special Meeting Date: Monday, December 5, 2022 Time: 2:00 PM Location: Fishers Island School Principal’s Office https://E2CCB-GST.zoom.us/j/97988887718 Find agenda and details HERE

FI Seagrass Mgmt. Coalition Mtg.

via Zoom

As the next phase in the community-led effort to Save Our Seagrass, we will discuss the educational methods and messaging we will include in our Landscaping Campaign. We will workshop rewards, incentives, and branding for our upcoming outreach efforts to affect public change in fertilizer use. Members of the Fishers Island community are invited and …