COVID-19 Vaccine Access

As the country begins the process of getting all of us vaccinated against COVID-19 many questions have come up regarding access to the vaccine and ‘taking a shot’. IHP and ICB will be adding additional information as things progress.

IHP and ICB want to reassure our community members that everyone will get their turn. We have all been reading and hearing on the news, it is the most critical groups that need to get the first doses. You will read below the Phases are already moving along well in New York. And, we are pleased to share that most all of our EMTs and IHP staff have ‘taken the shot’ with their first vaccine injection, with our faculty and School staff and members of the Fire Department to follow shortly.

Here is what we know as of this writing January 11, 2021:

  • From Southold Town Supervisor Scott A. Russell 1/11/2021
    Re: COVID-19 Vaccination Hotline for Scheduling Appointments
    Beginning at 4:00pm on Monday, January 11, the NYS COVID-19 Vaccination Hotline will open for scheduling vaccination appointments for eligible New Yorkers in Phase 1b: 1-833-NYS-4-VAX (1-833-697-4829).
    You can also visit the NYS website at to check eligibility and to find the current nearest location.

NOTE: This hotline is not currently accepting our 06390 zip code but several people are in contact with our representatives in Albany to try to remedy this issue. It does work if you live and want to be vaccinated in all NY State zipcodes including NYC, as long as you qualify.

  • IHP is continuing to make every effort to get the vaccine to the Island for distribution, in accordance with NY State phased procedures. They began the office enrollment application weeks ago and are at a stalemate due to complications beyond their control. IHP and ICB are working with State officials to remedy this roadblock.
  • NY residents may only receive the vaccine in NY State. (IHP employees are able to get the vaccine at L&M in CT only because they are employees of the Northeast Medical Group.) (Our EMTs’ vaccine appointments were scheduled by the Suffolk County EMS.)
  • At this time, Island residents, eligible by Phased Distribution parameters, may make appointments and travel to Long Island to receive their vaccines in 2 separate doses (Moderna is 28-31 days and Pfizer is 21 days apart).
  • Visit the links below to find who has access to the Phased Distribution and complete the online form to find out when and where YOU can receive the vaccine.
  • If you are not an Island resident, you must contact your primary healthcare provider or home state health services as access and information varies on a state-by-state basis.

A good resource for answers to questions and information dissemination for New York Residents is NY State’s COVID-19 Vaccine website: Here you can sign up for weeknight email updates from New York State on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and it does recognize the zip code 06390!

Phases of the Vaccine Distribution
New York State is currently in Phase 1A of the distribution. See who is eligible now and in the coming weeks.

Eligible New Yorkers in Phased Distribution

In Gov. Guomo’s daily email update January 8, 2021

“Starting on Monday, January 11, New York State will begin scheduling vaccinations for “Phase 1b” groups—the next category of people eligible for the vaccine. This group includes: People aged 75 and up; education workers (pre-K through 12 teachers and education workers, licensed and registered child care providers, and school-bus drivers); first responders (local police, State Police, Sheriff’s Office employees, professional and volunteer firefighters); EMS workers (including professional and volunteer paramedics and EMTs); public transit workers (airline and airport employees, passenger railroad employees, subway and mass transit employees, ferry employees, Port Authority employees, and public bus drivers); and public safety workers. About 3.2 million additional New Yorkers will now be eligible.”

You can subscribe to New York State’s Coronavirus Updates HERE.

Am I Eligible?
Check to see if you are eligible in NY for the COVID-19 vaccine.

If you are eligible, NYS will show you where you can go to get the vaccine. To find out if you may be eligible, click the button below and complete the online form to get registered to stay informed for when it is YOUR TURN.

Am I Eligible for the C-19 Vaccine?

For those in states other than NY, please do your research as every state is rolling the vaccine out with slightly different parameters and guidelines. Some have suggested checking your MyChart account (Cleveland Clinic) in Florida, Georgia, and elsewhere to see if you are able to make a Vaccine appointment through that service.

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