COVID-19 Protocol Info from IHP


Please be aware that the Island Health Project’s (IHP) doctor’s office on Fishers Island has a protocol in place for screening for Coronavirus as per Yale/New Haven Hospital.

The IHP Office will be open during regular hours
but you MUST call first, NO DROP-IN visits.

For obvious reasons including the preparedness of the office staff to meet patients: Anyone who suspects they might screen positive should PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE before coming in for evaluation. In some cases, the evaluation can be done over the phone and some patients might bypass the IHP office and go directly to the mainland.

A travel screening will be performed. Patients will be considered to have screened positive if they have:

A.) traveled to an endemic country in the past 21 days AND
B.) have fever or symptoms of lower respiratory illness (e.g. cough, difficulty breathing).

Patients will also be considered to have screened positive if they have had exposure to a patient with confirmed coronavirus disease.

For those patients screening positive, as above, they may be isolated in Exam Room 2 and placed in a surgical mask. The Department of Health will then be notified and the patient will then be sent to Lawrence and Memorial Hospital ER where they will be placed in respiratory isolation and tested for the presence of the virus.

If they are able, patients will travel to the mainland via the ferry in their own car. The Sea Stretcher will be reserved for emergencies.

IHP is working on access to telecommunications with medical facilities. In the meantime, call the office here, or the Yale/New Haven Hotline below.

Additional patient-centered information regarding this virus and the flu is available through IHP’s affiliate Yale/New Haven at and Y/NH Northeast Medical Group

Yale/New Haven COVID-19 Hotline for patients and physicians: (833) 275-9644

To call the IHP office for a screening or
make an appointment for a non CORVID-19 issue
631-788-7244 Office

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY call Southold Dispatch
From a Fishers House Phone: 911
From a Cell Phone: 631-765-2600

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