Coat of Arms of The 11th Coastal Artillery

Coat-of-Arms-of-The-11th-Coastal-ArtilleryThe medallion on the floor of the Community Center is the Coat of Arms of The 11th Coastal Artillery, the part of the U. S. Army in charge of Fort H. G. Wright on Fishers Island from its opening in 1902 until its decommissioning in the late 1940’s.

Many of the families resident on the Island came here with a connection to the operation of Fort Wright. The Island Community Center building, constructed in the late 1930’s as the Commissary for the Fort, has thus played a part in the history of the Island, and, in its current use, will be an important part in its future.

The Latin motto is “Strength and Vigilance”, an apt description of the Fort’s mission.

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