Change of Zone Application by Walsh Park re: FI School Property

Please be advised that a Change of Zone Application has been submitted by Martin D. Finnegan, Esq. on behalf of  Walsh Park Benevolent Corporation on December 5, 2019.  The Application in its’ entirety may be viewed in Laserfiche: Town Clerk; Change of Zone; Pending; Walsh Park Benevolent Corporation.

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Link to Application and Letters filed on Southold’s website Walsh Park Letters to the Community re: School Land Purchase Ft. Wright Neighbors Letters re: Walsh Park/FI School Project


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Of Note: Environmental Assessment Form
This document includes the Project Information including the Site Description.
Description of Action: Change of zoning classification for a portion of the subject property from R-40 to Hamlet Density. Property is currently split zoned R-40 and Hamlet Density (HD). Change of zone is sought to clear the way for a four (4) lot subdivision of the existing parcel to create a 2.4 acre parcel for the development of multi-family housing. ~ Source: Environmental Assessment Form, Page 2

Project Description: Total acreage of project area: 3.83 acres. Total acreage owned and to be developed is 2.4 acres containing 4 two-family housing units of 2-story high, 33′ wide and 42′ long including 16 proposed off-street parking spaces*. ~ Source: Environmental Assessment Form, Page 3 & 5

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People may continue to write to be included in the public record with the Southold Town Board. Letters should be mailed or emailed to Elizabeth Neville, Town Clerk for inclusion in the public record. Her address is Southold Town Hall, 53095 Main Road, PO Box 1179, Southold, New York 11971. Her email is

Comments and suggestions may be sent to:

Walsh Park Board Members
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Zoning Board of Appeals
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Town of Southold
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Fort Wright block in discussion bordered by Whistler Ave (main road) on far right, Equestrian at top, and Winthrop Drive at left.

A Note from Walsh Park 12/9/19: *In reference to the map on file; “It should be noted that this is not the proposed plan but an example of what might be done. Walsh Park is using this old site plan* simply as a placeholder and formality to submit with the application, rather than spending a lot of money now on a new plan without knowing whether the zoning can get changed.

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