Celebrate the Class of 2020 Grads with a Drive-by Parade!

Many thanks to all who participated in the parade!

Because of the pandemic and NY State COVID-19 protocols, graduation will be very limited this year with no guests other than immediate family households. The great news is that it can be held for the seniors and will take place outside and on campus. So, join in the drive-by parade and congratulate Meg, Ashley, Betsy, Ellanora, Jade, Jack, David, Fred, and Sam when  you see them!

Community Car Parade
This will follow the ceremony, so please line up as you would for a ferry, at 6:10 pm. Listen for 9 quick boat horn toots and that will be the signal that the graduation ceremony is over and it is time to begin the car parade up the road, past the school field to the front of the building! The more the merrier!

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