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FI Electric Corp.: Update on Electric Network Modernization

Fishers Island Electric Corporation Update on Electric Network Modernization November 29, 2022 By Tom Siebens, Director AMI & Engineering Study Fishers Island Electric Corporation plans to install automated metering infrastructure (“AMI”) over this coming winter.  The 700 electric meters on the island will be replaced with new meters that will allow system-wide data collection, remotely, to monitor, analyze and more …

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FI Telephone: Long Distance circuits upgrade maintenance

The Fishers Island Long Distance circuits will be undergoing upgrade maintenance on Monday night, Tuesday Morning as follows: Date: Tuesday Morning, 14 December 2021 Time: Midnight:01am EST through 05:00am EST Impact: During this period, Fishers Island Telephone subscribers that have Fishers Island Long Distance may experience the following: Unable to make long distance or international calls Calls in progress may be …

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AT&T Long Distance Outage Resolved

8.26.2021 This morning around 11:00 there was an AT&T long distance outage Island wide. Fishers Island Telephone technicians troubleshot the problem and fixed the issue at the AT&T microwave site. If anyone is still experiencing a trouble with their AT&T long distance, please call our office at 631-788-7001. Thank you.

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