Easy DIY Step-by-Step IHP Instructions for your 2020 Arrival on Fishers

These are the step-by-step, do-it-yourself (DIY) instructions for getting enrolled, tested, and “with the program!” Steps 1-3 are “DIY “Do It Yourself: FILL OUT THE CENSUS ONLINE: Every individual in the household should fill out the form at the link here FINY COVID-19 Resident/Visitor Census or FINY COVID-19 Commuting Worker Census FILL OUT PATIENT REGISTRATION FORM AND EMERGENCY CONTACT INFO: …

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Special Message from IHP 14JUL20: COVID-19 #13

A special message on NY State and COVID-19, from the Island Community Board and Island Health Project, #13 (Please join the ICB Meeting tonight at 5:00 via Zoom, details below.) July 14, 2020 Dear fellow Fishers Islanders, As we might have predicted, the last ten days have been busy on our Island and eventful on the public health front. Today …

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