A special message on COVID-19 from ICB and IHP, #17

September 11, 2020 Dear fellow Fishers Islanders, It has been less than 3 days since my previous update letter regarding recent positive COVID-19 cases emerging through Labor Day weekend. Yet, as an indicator of the rapid viral effect of COVID-19, I am sorry to say that the situation continues to evolve today. There are four new positive cases from testing …

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Easy DIY Step-by-Step IHP Instructions for your 2020 Arrival on Fishers

These are the step-by-step, do-it-yourself (DIY) instructions for getting enrolled, tested, and “with the program!” Steps 1-3 are “DIY “Do It Yourself: FILL OUT THE CENSUS ONLINE: Every individual in the household should fill out the form at the link here FINY COVID-19 Resident/Visitor Census or FINY COVID-19 Commuting Worker Census FILL OUT PATIENT REGISTRATION FORM AND EMERGENCY CONTACT INFO: …

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