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Op-Ed: On the Ballot, consider five amendments to the NY Constitution

By Abigail Field, Esq. Member of the Southold Democratic Committee, Cutchogue This November, more is on the ballot than the candidates for local office. In addition to picking our town’s next government, voters should turn over their ballots and consider five amendments to the New York Constitution. Two of them remove obstacles to making voting in New York easier; one …

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Seasonal Recipe Favorites: Autumn in the Kitchen

Transitioning to a New Season of Cooking Fall is slowly edging its way in and, after a beautiful September, I’m finally starting the transition into autumn foods like root veggies, warm soups, apples and squash. That’s not to say I’ve given up on garden tomatoes, but since they’re no longer ripening by early October, it’s the perfect time to pluck …

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