Bouncing Back from Midterms with Color Wars

The FIS Student Council brought the school back from Midterms with a Spirit Week and ‘Color Wars.’ 

February 2020
By Meg A.

Bouncing back from Midterms, the Student Council set up ‘Color Wars’ at the school the week of January 27th-31st. Under Color Wars, each set of lockers, mostly divided by class, was given a color (red, yellow, green, and blue). Student Council President, Arabella, said: “I thought it was really cool how the classes came together and got really into Color Wars.”

The ‘Wars’ were accompanied by a spirit week. On Monday, each group wore their colors, on Tuesday the students dressed up as memes, Wednesday was Wacky Wednesday, and Thursday was Era Day (and clean-up of ‘Color Wars’). Also on Thursday, a group of elementary teachers voted on which section won the Color Wars and the ice cream prize promised to the winning team at the end of the week. Green team won with their thoroughly decorated section of lockers after a fierce rivalry with junior and senior classes on the Red team.

As the students learned the Monday after the Spirit Week ended, the entire school received the ice cream as a reward for their enthusiastic school spirit!

Finally, on Friday, the entire school came together wearing blue and gold to celebrate our school spirit and to show support for the basketball games that day. In the words of high school junior, Andie: “It was really nice to have something like Color Wars to cheer us up after a long week of midterms.”

As Ashley, Student Council Senior Representative and driving power behind the Red Group, says “It’s a really fun whole school activity… All of the grades are participating and everyone is making a contribution.”

Red Team’s lockers, decorated for ‘Color Wars’ by the Juniors and Seniors.

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