American Legion Monthly Meeting

American Legion Post 1045 on Fishers Island welcomes veterans, Legion members, and the Fishers Island community to the monthly meetings, generally held the 1st Thursday of the month.

Next meeting is Thursday, August 8

Legion Members Meeting: 5:00-5:45
The meeting for all members on August 8th is to discuss what changes have been made recently and what is scheduled to happen this fall. 

Maintaining the history and importance of the Legion members and why this club exists will remain the priority. Being an American Legion post on an island with so few year round residents can pose challenges for the consistency in money making opportunities. Having non-members feel welcome to frequent our club and use our facilities is part of the solution to be discussed. 

Community members & volunteers: 6:00-6:30
Friends of the Legion have all expressed a desire to participate in some aspect of the American Legion Post 1045. Please join us and share your ideas. How we can make the Legion a place everyone looks forward to gathering at while maintaining the importance of its members, history and integrity? Projects completed and new projects scheduled for the fall will be discussed.

The Legion recently participated in a fund raiser with the Community Center which raised close to $7,000 dollars for the Legion. The Pequot Quotathalon Saturday, August 10 is also raising money for the Legion. The Community Center and The Pequot wanting to support the future of the Legion and its continued success is a wonderful gesture to the whole community.

A list of projects completed and what is happening next will be shared shortly after the meeting next week.

If you can not make the meeting please contact Patty by email to express any opinions or concerns and she will be happy to talk with you!

All are welcome to the meetings, so please share this invitation.

Patty Walker
Commander and ABC officer
(404) 694-1054


We started painting the Hall on Sunday, July 22, 2018 and have been continuing as time allows with projects including new sliding doors, powerwashing the porch, reshingling and more. There is a task for everyone who comes to volunteer.

WISH LIST (a work in progress):

  • new wood to replace the deck planks on the side of the building
  • Ceiling repair in the main Hall

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