A FICC Thank You for a Special BBQ & Band Night

Fishers Island Community CenterThe Fishers Island Community Center wants to thank all those staff, friends and neighbors that made the BBQ and Band a special night on July 27, 2019.

The well-attended event offered grilled burgers, brat sausages with onion and peppers, cooler corn, broccoli salad, brownies by the Lusker family as well as friends. Aaron Lusker and his team grilled way into the night and provided his own headlight to make sure the crowd who arrived later had something to eat. The cooler corn was tasty, and everyone wanted the recipe. Thank you, Aaron and Sue Lusker, Billy Wall, Dirk Harris, John Klimczak, and Tom Doroshevich

The green and white tent was a puzzle trying to figure out how to put it together and then there appeared a crew of 8 from Z & S that marched the tent over to the front of the Café and back the next day. Thank you, Tom and Di Shillo and crew, especially James and Michael.

Linda, Chad, Craig, and Camden Mrowka made this a family affair offering music, organizational support, set up, and whatever was needed to keep everyone happy.

We wished B-Side Band-Chad’s band could have played longer. Thank you, Chad Mrowka, Andre Alvag, Karl Eiriksson and
Peter Mrowka. And, thank you to Chad’s nephew, Pete Mrowka’s sons’ band the Zevulon from Connecticut – they played their hearts out. Thank you Zeb Mrowka, Jake Viramontez, and Collin Sitz.

Thank you, Rowan and the Red Thread. Your Silk fans and Fire eating/dancing performance was fascinating and a far cry from your job as a line cook at the Big Club.

We had several people including Sean and Aiden Hubble, and Mark and Kanisha Morrison, help break down tables, bring the chairs back inside and whatever was needed so thank you too!


Jeanie Cook
Fishers Island Community Center

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