Possible new program at Union Chapel: The Media Lab for Good

Fishers Island Union Chapel is contemplating creating a Media Lab for Good. The goal is to make media that uplifts, inspires, and calls for improvements in our communities, both local and global.

The program include access to a recording studio, podcasting tools, video editing software and hardware, as well as tools for creating animations and special effects.

Our primary goal is to engage the creativity of the young people of the island, but we also imagine that other island groups and organizations may use the media lab in complementary ways.

We’ve developed a survey to make sure that the proposed program meets the needs of parents, children, and other members of the island community.

If you are interested in this intiative at Union Chapel, please fill out this survey HERE.

Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions!

Questions? Please contact Pastor Rosanna Anderson at anderson.rosanna@gmail.com

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