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December Gardening Tips from Melie

Originally Published December, 2012

During the holidays, many of us receive Amaryllis bulbs as gifts. Their spectacular blooms brighten up our homes in the winter, but once they have finished flowering many of us wonder what to do with the bulb, so I did a bit of research on Amaryllis care.

If you receive an Amaryllis bulb for a gift, plant the bulb as soon as possible in a pot just a bit larger than the bulb, in well draining potting soil. You can also grow the bulb in a glass container, with pebbles and water that just reach the base of the bulb.

The Amaryllis will grow towards the light, so it is important to keep turning the container, so the stem will grow straight. The plant will bloom about four to six weeks after planting and one bulb usually produces two stalks with a number of blooms.

Once the Amaryllis is finished blooming, cut the stalk off close to the bulb. Leaves will then grow from the bulb and you should continue to water and fertilize it once per month. Let the bulb summer in the garden and continue to feed the plant in order for the bulb to produce flowers the following winter.

In September, take the bulb out of the garden and allow the leaves to die back. Let the bulb dry out completely. Store the bulb in a cool dry place for eight weeks and then repot it in new potting soil or place the bulb back in a glass container with pebbles and water. The bulb’s growing process should start all over again and flowers should appear in four to six weeks.

Happy Holidays and Happy Growing!

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