Fishers Island School BOE Meeting

Board of Education Regular Meeting
December 21, 2022—5:30 pm
Agendas will be updated when available

Date: Wednesday, December 21, 2022 Time: 5:30 PM
Location: Fishers Island Spanish Room
Zoom Access Provided:

BOE Agenda 11/16/2022

Board of Education

Jamie Doucette, President
William Bloethe, Vice President
Matthew Edwards, Board Member
Catherine Edwards, Board Member
Amy Harris, Board Member


Regular BoE Meeting Dates

July 8, 2022—6pm
August 17, 2022—6pm
September 21, 2022—6pm
October 19, 2022—6pm
November 16, 2022—5:30pm
December 21, 2022—5:30pm
January 18, 2023—5:30pm
February 15, 2023—5:30pm
March 15, 2023—5:30pm
April 19, 2023—5:30pm
May 9, 2023—6pm (Budget Hearing)
May 16, 2023—2pm-8pm (Annual Vote)
June 21, 2023—6pm

Public Participation Guidelines

Members of the community are invited to speak on topics of interest and/or topics to be addressed in the agenda. The Board of Education may choose to interact with participants but will not act upon topics that require further study before action is taken. The participation time will be limited to three (3) minutes per person and fifteen (15) minutes overall to guarantee the efficient operation of the entire meeting.

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