Fishers Island Elizabeth Field 0B8 by the Numbers

by Jane Ahrens
5/4/2015: Elizabeth Field by Alex Williams


  • Elizabeth Field was dedicated on June 11

1959 *

  • FI Ferry District takes over management of Elizabeth Field
  • June 26 through July 27, saw 572 landings


  • 72% of all Airfield traffic WAS in the 4 summer months
  • Airfield revenues 2021: $39,540.00


  • Total landings over 4 summer months 428 – 46% WERE private planes, 56% commercial aircraft, and 1% Helicopters
  • All landings are tracked wirelessly
  • 75% Of pilots pay the invoice FI Ferry District mails out. Some get away with free landings
  • 2400 feet is the length of the longest runway and is too short for most Jets today
  • Most Airfield maintenance $$ comes from FAA Grants
  • ZERO Number of people allowed to walk on runways

If caught driving on runways = BIG FINE

*Per the Minutes of the FI Ferry District July 29, 1959

Published November 25, 2022

Featured Photo

Beach Rocks sun gaze, 12/10/20 Photo by Richard Breining

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