Meal Train® for Adrienn

by Jane Ahrens
Emmy Hobson has set up the Meal Train® for Adrienn Smith (and John and Jessica)

What is Meal Train®?
When a friend is in need, everyone asks “What can I do to help?” The answer is always to provide support through a meal. When many friends provide support through a meal, Meal Train® keeps everyone organized. is a free meal calendar tool that makes planning meals among a wide group easy and less stressful.

The Fishers Island community has been so helpful with this outreach to the Smith family this summer! As fall comes we hope many more will ‘join the meal train’ and help out with a few dinners for the family. John said recently that it is a huge help and a highlight of Jessica’s and John’s day.

Remember, a simple dinner is the best dinner, nothing fancy. If you are making dinner for your household, just make a few more servings to share with the Smiths.

We hope to encourage many to sign up. Just click on the calendar and find the days that work best. THANK YOU

You can view the Meal Train® page by clicking the following button.

Special Note:
It is important to provide clean healthy meal options. The family prefers light meals and small to medium portions. Smoothies, and easy to swallow options are most welcome for Adrienn especially.

One link below provides healthy recipes.
The other link is for a bone broth: organic and full of great nutritional support if you are preparing soups.

Questions? Contact Emmy Hobson.

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