2022 Fishers Island School Safety Orientation

The Fishers Island Ferry captains brought the M/V Munnatawket to Silver Eel Cove on Monday, October 3, 2022 for the yearly Ferry Safety training.

Fishers Island School administrators expressed their sincere thanks to the Ferry captains. crew and BOC for their continued focus on safety for our entire community.


(Same agenda for each school group, with tailored info. depending on age.)

Intro to each school group in the passenger cabin by Marine Operations Manager and Captain Jon Haney with Captain Chris Newell and Captain John Morgan

  • Welcome everyone aboard and introduce the crew and share some of their backgrounds.
  • Crew member demonstrates how to don a life jacket then have the students partner up and put them on, assist each other if needed. (placards for donning instructions, adult vs. child, and box locations)
  • Explain when the ferry would expect to use them and by direction of the crew
  • Rules: no running, climbing, or yelling. Designated seating for school community.
  • Winter conditions: longer route/transit and what to expect. Indoor seating only during rough weather.
  • Clean up after yourself (snacks, drinks, paper…lost and found)
  • Walk in designated areas (yellow walkways and sidewalk to school)
  • Ask a boat teacher if you are unclear about something/ feel uncomfortable or “see” something. If no teacher is around then ask a crew member.
  • Important: being on time (at least 5 minutes prior to departure) helps us keep a schedule and prevents accidents!

Click any image to see a larger photo or scroll through the gallery. Photo Credit: JTAhrens

Visit to Bridge

Explain basic navigation, our route, distance, time, equipment, etc
– Route is approximately 7 nautical miles, traveling at approximately 10 knots = 6-7 mins/mile
Functions of each electronic device: plotter/radar/sounder/radios

Visit to Hurricane Deck (top deck)

Explain how the IBA’s launch and inflate
Point out the MOB ladder and Shepard’s pole
Life rings and strobes
Where to go in case of fire/abandon ship/MOB (man overboard)
Have the eldest student from each group don the immersion suit

Remaining time in the passenger cabin
Review everything, Q&A
Point out the different parts of the boat (bow, stern, port, starboard…quiz style)

If time remains take each group through the engine room.

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