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2022 Here we are in our 9th year with the ‘new’ website and are so grateful for our readers, subscribers, advertisers, and everyone out there that checks in to regularly.

Many of you recently received the Annual Appeal mailing with our small gift of appreciation in the form of a few Fishers postcards. If you did not receive the mailing (as we certainly don’t have everyone’s snail mail address) please consider a gift online at the button below, or by check HERE, or contact me and we will get a mailing out to you with a stack of cards and a remittance envelope. If you give online and did not receive the mailing, please add a note and we will send the cards with your donation’s acknowledgment letter.

The Island’s communications are supported financially by grant funds, advertising income, and mostly by donations from our readers.

These funds cover the costs of running the primary website for Fishers Island. Expenses include the monthly hosting fees to the website and e-newsletter companies, several special widgets, editor’s hourly salary, back-end support, website update work including efforts to thwart brute force attacks from cyberbullying, and annual appeal efforts.

Immediate updates this year included a slight redesign to improve functionality and keep up to date with the WordPress web designers’ development and support for certain plugins. We continue to work on improving search capabilities for our readers and, we believe, easier navigation of this very comprehensive website.

We wish you a safe and healthy fall.


Jane T. Ahrens
Fishers Island Fog Horn

Contributions earmarked for the website are tax-deductible and made through the FICC (Fishers Island Community Center) a 501(c)3. The communications of the island have been a community outreach initiative and program of the FICC since 2013.

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