Nate Malinowski

Year-round ICB Rep
Nate Malinowski

Executive Director
: The Lighthouse Works
Member: Fishers Island Fire Department
Navigator: Sea Stretcher
ICB: Year-Round Representative
Member: Fishers Island Land Use Committee

ICB: Year-Round Representative

The ICB is an important institution on Fishers Island. It is a strong, focused and centralized organization that is committed to being an open and accessible forum for discussion, capable of standing on its own, as a supportive and organizing hub for the many vital island efforts. The ICB is crucial to ensuring that Fishers Island remains, well into the future, the place that we all love today. I have learned much serving on the ICB as a year-round rep.

Personal Information
Nate Malinowski has lived and worked year-round on Fishers Island since 2012. He is the founding Executive Director of The Lighthouse Works. He is a member of the Fishers Island Fire Department, is a navigator on the Sea Stretcher and is a member of the Fishers Island Land Use Committee.

Jan 28, 2017

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