ICB President Willard Soper’s Remarks at Term’s End

by Jane Ahrens

At the ICB meeting on September 13, 2022 with the ‘changing of the guard’, and the newly elected seasonal and year-round candidates coming on board, ICB’s outgoing president Willard Soper read the following remarks.

ICB Comments 09/13/22

Before we adjourn this meeting and move on to the Board’s acceptance of the new Board Members and the Board’s election of new officers, I would like to say a few words:

After three very busy and demanding years as president of the ICB, ending my term is certainly bittersweet.

I am extremely pleased with the progress we have made these past three years, thanks to great teamwork and communication across all organizations and especially with the IHP, the Clubs, IPP, the Museum, the Village Market, and the Pequot during COVID.

New stop signs and sidewalks, the extension of the Rec Path, creation and funding of the Neighborhood Aid position, improved relationship with Southold, becoming part of the greater Southold Civic Group and our ICB monthly meeting participation are certainly examples of the cohesive efforts of many.

However, when a term ends, one thinks not only about what has been accomplished but more heavily about what lies ahead and remains to be done.

ICB exists as a forum, as a place to be informed, to provide transparency, and to unite the community for the common good.

I hope going forward this vision/mission continues. I hope all constituencies who so love this island look at all issues or challenges with a “glass half full” perspective. We need to accept that while there will not always be agreement on issues that as a community working together good things will happen.

Specific key challenges to the health of our community (yes, summer and year-round) continue to be affordable housing for year-round residents, reasonable cost of utilities, affordable access to healthcare, safe streets and sidewalks, and undo regulation from Southold.

As we did so well during COVID, and as Suzy Parsons said many times. “It takes a village”.

It will take a village that continues to communicate, is transparent, and works together to meet these future challenges.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead ICB over the past three years and for all the help, engagement, and constructive input.


Willard Soper
ICB President 2019-2022
September 13, 2022

During the meeting, Willard also thanked retiring ICB Administrator MaryBeth Guimaraes for her dedication, organization, and excellent meeting minutes over the last two years, and Nate Malinowski who worked tirelessly for two terms as an elected Year-Round Representative on issues important to the Island and particularly to the year-round community.

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