Dave McIntyre and Erienne Tenaglia, January 12, 2022 in Orlando, FL

Alex Harvey and Abbey Lake, February 12, 2022 in Greenwich, CT

Sean Shillo and Cristina Cioban, February 18, 2022 in Reine, Norway

Tim Gaumond and Charlotte Deavers, May 14, 2022 on Fishers Island

John Sargent and Georgie Walsh, July 1, 2022 on Fishers Island

Brooks Walker and Lauren Barbiero, July 15, 2022 in Central Park

Jake Ludemann and Jess Arcamone, July 30, 2022 at The Race, Fishers Island, NY

Katharine Gaillard and Cliff Gilman, August 7, 2022 on South Beach, Fishers Island, NY

Abby Noyes and Bryce Miller, September 23, 2022 in Knoxville, TN


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