St. John’s hosts Silent Film Concert The Red Balloon (1956) & IT (1927) w/ Organ Accompaniment

Silent Films
The Red Balloon and IT with Organ Accompaniment
by Island favorite Peter Krasinski, organist

This is a special event for children and adults, alike!

St. John’s Church
Saturday, August 13, 7:30pm

WSJ 13AUG22 article: “Inventing the It Girl”

The first movie The Red Balloon is for young kids (in case they need to go to bed after it) – and the second movie is a more sophisticated comedy but kids and teenagers certainly enjoy IT with actress  Clara Bow too if they want to stay.

The Red Balloon, or Le Ballon Rouge, tells the 34 minute tale of a child named Pascal who finds a large, red balloon on the way to school. Pascal views this balloon as his new toy and totes it around with him constantly. In a short time span, the youth goes on to attract the attention of curious adults and jealous peers, and begins to realize that the balloon seems to have a mind of its own.

The entirety of this movie has very little dialogue. Instead, the filmmakers relied on music, action, and picturesque scenery. All these flow together perfectly, and the audience hardly realizes that there is no dialogue because it is simply not needed. In fact, The Red Balloon won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay despite its lack of speaking.

…The scenery is beautiful. The dull, grey city in France in which Pascal lives is contrasted by the large, glowing balloon. The red truly stands out and the film becomes etched in the minds of the audience members forever because of it.”

The second movie, It with Clara Bow, is described with the tag line,

“CLARA BOW, that irrepressible, irresistible girl!! She has “it”. ANTONIO MORENO, that virile, masterful lover! He has “it”. “IT- that something which is indefinable. This picture has “it” (Original Herald)”

“At Waltham’s department store, lowly salesgirl Betty Lou swoons over Cyrus Waltham Jr., handsome playboy son of the owner. Betty has “it” (sex appeal) in abundance, but it’s an uphill battle getting Cyrus to notice. Finally, her smouldering glances begin to take effect. Of course, misunderstandings intervene. Can a woman who loves Coney Island hot dogs and a man who dines at the Ritz ever meet halfway?” —Rod Crawford <>

Video Clip from IT

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