Osprey Fledgling Report 2022

by Jane Ahrens

The 2022 Osprey Fledgling Count was taken July 15 and July 16, 2022 by Todd McCormack (M) and Andrew Edwards (A) with their drones and witnessed by Jim Baker (B) and Ken Edwards, Sr.

Ken Edwards reports: 25 active sites (with birds) were visited in July 2022 with 26 fledglings sighted on 16 sites. This is compared to 28 fledglings sighted in 2021 at 21 active sites. In April 2022 some adults looked like they were nesting but for some reason, they left – not sure as to why.

Fledgling Count 2022 Photo Credit Todd McCormack
Nest2022 Fledgling(s) 7/18-19 Observed by
1Money Pond0 
28th Fairway Big Club waterside0 
3Ogden in Tree2B-M
4Main Road/north of Club1B-M
5Main Road/Steve Cook1B-M
6Main Road/Chocomount Beach Rd1B-M
8Main Road/Chapman Drive1B-M
9Bogert’s Clay Point (new site)2 
10Osprey Cam2 
11Middle Farms Road/Bob Miller0B-M
12Middle Farms South1B-M
13Driving Range/west side2B-M
14Driving Range bear Water Plant Shed1A
15Water Plant Main Road0 
16Four Corners/Bagley Reid2A
17Milliken waterside0 
18Harris waterside0 
19Fishers waterside0 
20Wilderness Point/Chris Dewey0 
21Pirates Cove/Dick Baker nest0 
22Navy Station2A
23John Ski2A
24Hawks Nest Point2A
25North Hill (Danforth House)0A
27Compost Station0A
30Transfer Station0 
31Silver Eel Cove2A
Total26 Fledglings 

25 of the 31 sites had birds
16 of those 25 had fledglings/babies
Total of 26 fledglings

Fledgling Count 2022 Photo Credit Todd McCormack

Featured Photo

Beach Rocks sun gaze, 12/10/20 Photo by Richard Breining

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