FIYC hosts Bullseye Nationals

17 boats (including 12 from Fishers Island) competed in racing this weekend.

The 2022 Bullseye National Championships are in the books!

Skipper Meris Enright and Kathrin Leuchtenburg (FIYC) bested Skipper Oliver Parsonsand Jennifer Parsons (FIYC) in the final race today, becoming the newest Bullseye National Champions. Skipper Brad Gibbs and Tucker Gibbs (FIYC) took Third Place. An amazing and dominant showing by Team FIYC!

Congratulations to Meris, Kathrin, Oliver, Jennifer, Brad, and Tucker on your achievement, and well done to ALL of the Fishers Island Bullseye fleet that raced this weekend, and everyone in the fleet and on the island that helped on the water and off.

Find complete racing results and thank yous below.

Please send us any great photos and videos you took of the racing or from the parties so that we can share them via social email. Send them to with a short description and who should receive photo credit.
The FIYC Bullseye Nationals Committee
Heather Ferguson Burnham and David C. Burnham II sail Peregrine, the Bullseye that Heather’s grandfather first sailed in 1957 and David’s father later raced for many years. © Chip Riegel
Last summer, John Burnham chronicled the history of our fleet for Windcheck magazine. You can read the article and learn about the days when the results of Fishers Island racing were published in the Hartford Courant here.

Yesterday we celebrated the conclusion of the Bullseye Nationals Regatta at our clubhouse. Sixteen teams, four yacht clubs represented, five races, all sorts of wind conditions. You may have seen the results distributed last night.

This event was special in many ways and I am eager to highlight some of them:

  • First, twelve Fishers Island teams competed and we chartered boats to two off-islanders. This event brought many boats out of dry dock and teams to the line. Great to see such enthusiasm.
  • Second, we had seven multi-generational family teams. Tom Cashel Sr/Tom Cashel Jr, Jennifer/Oliver Parsons, Tom McCance/Tom Parker, John Glendon/Michelle Mayagoitia, Louise Packard/Sammy Burnham, Tom duPont /Tommy Thiel, and Brad Gibbs/Tucker Gibbs. How great is that for a family activity!
  • Third, senior members Tom McCance (88) and Tom Cashel (92) competed as skipper and crew, respectively (different boats, of course). Hats off to these members still mixing it up! Case in point that sailing is a lifelong sport!
  • Fourth, the regatta was won by the women’s team of Meris Enright and Katherine Leuchtenburg. And second place went to Jennifer Parsons and her son Oliver. So three of the top four competitors at this regatta were women!
  • Fifth, all three top finisher awards went to FIYC competitors. FIYC can boast National Champion Bullseye sailors and World Champion IOD sailors!
  • Sixth, all three current FIYC flag officers competed  (Tom duPont, Brad Gibbs, and me) as well as four former commodores. John Glendon, John Brim, Tom Cashel Sr, Tom Cashel Jr. . What a ringing endorsement of the Bullseye fleet!
  • Finally, it should be noted that in spite of intense competition over 5 races and 17 legs, there was not one protest. There were fouls but all penalties were promptly voluntarily executed. We can be proud of such sportsmanship.

This regatta was led and organized by members Louise Burnham Packard and David H. Burnham. FIYC and especially club manager Beth Arsenault provided invaluable logistical support but this event’s success was member-driven. At FIYC, members with good ideas and dedication have made / are making many of our most special events happen this year  – the deep sea fishing expedition, adult and women’s sailing instruction, and the IOD Worlds in September are just some that come to mind. We have a small staff who do a great job and to whom we owe much gratitude but it is members that drive many of FIYC’s activities. That is a special distinction to highlight and encourage!  A BIG thank you to members devoting time and effort and talent to arrange such memorable events.

So, in closing, kudos to Louise and David for a very successful, highly competitive and totally enjoyable regatta. Congratulations to National Champions Meris and Katherine, runners-up Oliver and Jennifer, and third place finisher Brad and Tucker Gibbs. Thanks to all who participated and contributed time and effort to make this event first class. You have made us all proud!

Stewart Cutler, Commodore

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