Author Winthrop’s Daughter of Spies, Wartime Secrets, Family Lies

Long-time Fishers Island summer visitor, Elizabeth Winthrop Alsop has her first memoir due to be published by Regal House in October 2022. Author of a variety of books for various ages including the novel Island Justice, a Fishers Island favorite, In my Mother’s House, and many children’s books including Belinda’s HurricaneDaughter of Spies is her first memoir and hopefully next summer she will speak for the FI Library.

Wartime Secrets, Family Lies

by Elizabeth Winthrop Alsop

As a child, Elizabeth Winthrop Alsop, along with her five brothers, was raised to revere the tribal legends of the Alsop and Roosevelt families. Her parents’ marriage, lived in the spotlight of 1950s Washington where the author’s father, journalist Stewart Alsop, grew increasingly famous, was not what either of her parents had imagined it would be. Her mother’s strict Catholicism and her father’s restless ambition collided to create a strangely muted and ominous world, one that mirrored the whispered conversations in the living room as the power brokers of Washington came and went through their side door. Through it all, her mother, trained to keep secrets as a decoding agent with MI5, said very little. In this brave memoir, the author explores who her mother was, why alcohol played such an important role in her mother’s life, and why her mother held herself apart from all her children, especially her only daughter. In the author’s journey to understand her parents, particularly her mother, she comes to realize that the secrets parents keep are the ones that reverberate most powerfully in the lives of their children.

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Elizabeth Winthrop Alsop is the author of over sixty works of fiction for all ages, including the novels Island Justice and In My Mother’s House. Robert Stone selected her short story, “The Golden Darters,” for Best American Short Stories. Her fantasy novels for children, The Castle in the Attic and The Battle for the Castle, are considered classics of the genre. Daughter of Spies is her first memoir.

Connect with Elizabeth:
Twitter: @EWinthropAlsop
Instagram: @winthrop.elizabeth
Facebook: /DaughterofSpies and /ElizabethWinthropAuthor

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