Author Harry Thomas’s Finding Peace by the Sea

Inspiring Images and Quotes for Living Your Best Life

Harry’s 12 principles for living his best life are illustrated by uplifting quotes skillfully matched with over 100 of his serene New England seaside photographs. Crafted with love and care, it is an elegant compilation of wisdom, guidance, and photography by the sea to inspire personal strength and inner peace.

“Throughout my life, I’ve narrowed down key guiding principles as a foundation for living my best life. I choose to live by these and consider them in making my daily choices. These include having a humble perspective, being grateful, seizing my own personal power, self-reflecting, stepping out of my comfort zone, finding direction and purpose, having a strong work ethic, overcoming obstacles, making tough decisions, nurturing social connections, unlocking the heart, and achieving peace within. I have matched these key principles with my photography and meaningful quotes of others.”

-Harry L. Thomas, MSW
Writer, Actor, Producer
Guest DJ @ The Pequot

Published by Mountain Arbor Press

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