Southold Town Board Meeting

2022 Town Board Meeting Schedule
Southold Town Meeting Hall


Tuesday, August 23, 2022
4:30 PM

Denis Noncarrow
Southold Town Clerk

(All meetings are held on Tuesday unless otherwise specified)
Usually the 1st & 3rd Tuesday

TB Final Agenda 9AUG22 Link to TB Meeting website

TB Calendar Link:


POLICY: At the beginning of scheduled Town Board meetings, the attending public is encouraged to briefly address the Town Board relating to agenda resolutions prior to their enactment; the public will also be given time at the conclusion of the regularly scheduled business agenda to address the Board on any given topic.

ONLINE ACCESS: The Tentative Agenda is generally available the Friday before the meeting. The video of the meeting is usually available to watch live during the meeting. Minutes with adopted resolutions are available 1-2 days after the meeting. A full copy of the minutes, agenda and meeting video can be viewed by going to the official Town of Southold website: <> and following either of the following: (1) Move pointer over “Government” on the Town website home page. You will find the title “Town

Supervisor/Town Board”. Under this title you will see “Southold Town Board Meetings and Agendas”. or

(2) Go to “How Do I”, in the right upper corner of the Town website home page, Choose “Access”, then “Southold Town Board Meetings and Agendas.

Go to the date of the meeting and click on “Minutes Packet” this is the full copy of the resolutions. (Scroll to bottom of page for KEY to symbols). You can view the live video of the meeting by clicking on the camera symbol. All of this information is available 24/7.

If you would like help navigating the site, please feel free to call my office 631-765-1800.

Due to the expiration of the New York State Governor’s Executive Orders regarding the COVID-19 pandemic in-person access to the Public will now be permitted. The meeting will still be accessible via Zoom and streamed live on the Town’s website. The meeting can be viewed live by going to the Town’s website at <> home page. Click on the “Government” tab, once the drop down menu appears, under “Town Supervisor/Town Board”, click on “Southold Town Board Minutes and Agendas” which takes the user to the Town of Southold Meeting Portal page. Once on the Meeting Portal page, click on the date of the meeting you wish to view and then click on “Video”. A recording of the meeting will also air on Channel 22 and will be posted on the Town’s website.

Instructions and link to attend the meeting will be available on the Town’s website or by calling the Town Clerk’s office at (631)765-1800. A telephone number will also be provided to allow members of the public to attend via telephone.

Written comments and/or questions may also be submitted via email to the Town Clerk at <>and <> . Said comments and/or questions will be considered at the public hearing provided that they are submitted no later than 12:00 P.M. (Prevailing Time) on the day of the public hearing.
Pursuant to the requirements of the Executive Order of the Governor of the State of New York, a transcript will be prepared of the public hearing, and a copy shall be filed with the Town Clerk and placed upon the Town’s website.

Please check the meeting Agenda posted on the Town’s website ( for further instructions or for any changes to the instructions to access the public hearing, and for updated information.

August 23 Regular Meeting 4:30 PM
September 6 Regular Meeting 7:00 PM
October 4 Regular Meeting 7:00 PM
18 Regular Meeting 4:30 PM
November 1 Regular Meeting 7:00 PM
1 Regular Meeting 4:00 PM 7:00 PM
29 Regular Meeting 7:00 PM
December 13 Regular Meeting 4:30 PM
Printable 2022 TB Meeting Schedule

Link to Southold Town Board Meeting schedule and agendas in the Town’s website:

Denis Noncarrow
Southold Town Clerk

Lynda M Rudder
Deputy Town Clerk
Principal Account Clerk
Southold Town Clerk’s Office
53095 Main Road, PO Box 1179
Southold, NY 11971
631/765-1800 ext 210

Southold TB Agenda 4JAN21

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