Gardening August 2022

From Mélie’s Garden

Last summer Pierce Rafferty and I tried to find old photographs of gardens on Fishers Island, some of which we remembered from our childhood. There are photographs of the farms on the Island, but not flower or vegetable gardens other than a very few in old postcards. We thought it would be nice to start a file on the subject for the Museum. We are asking you to look through your old summer photographs to see if you have any images of Fishers Island gardens.

Often the gardens will be seen in the background of a family photograph. In addition, we would like to collect nice photographs of present-day gardens which could disappear over the years. Images of them serve not only as a remembrance of the past but can be an inspiration for the future. You can digitize a photo by taking a picture of it on your cell phone. Please send these garden photos to Pierce at and mark the email Fishers Island Gardens.


One Garden on the island that has been very visible and successful this summer is the new Fishers Island Community Garden. It is located on the Fishers Island Farms-LLC property next to the American Legion. The sign on the front fence describes beautifully the garden’s purpose in the community.

“The garden is here to provide space for people to grow healthy produce; to share knowledge and love of the outdoors, to gather and enjoy the benefits of nature. The garden is also meant to serve as a haven and place of provision for anyone in need.”

Another paragraph on the sign reads.,

“Produce from the communal growing spaces in the garden will be available free to the public as it ripens. Please do not pick anything in the garden without prior authorization. Available produce will be located in clearly identified bins in the back of the garden near the cistern.”

The raised bed planters that were built last year are now overflowing with vegetables, herbs, and flowers! There are sixteen Fishers Islanders who have personal planters. In addition, there are five to eight communal growing planters, which are maintained by eight volunteers who grow produce for the community. The water for the garden is stored in a large cistern at the back, which is generously filled every other week by the Fishers Island Fire Department when they have to empty the water tanks in their trucks.

Water cistern and bins for free produce.

In addition to these volunteers, the rest of the Island community is encouraged to bring any extra produce from their own gardens to share. The herbs and vegetables can be placed in the clearly marked “Give Away” bins at the back of the garden by the water cistern and you are requested to not pick anything from the beds yourself.

It is wonderful that this addition to the Island has been so successful this summer. And I am sure delicious healthy meals will be produced from its bounty! Over Columbus Day weekend, on October 8th, there is going to be an

“Evening In The Garden” party
October 8, 2022, 6:00PM
to celebrate the first year of
The Community Garden.

The evening will raise funds for programs to be held in the garden next summer. Tickets for this event will be on sale very soon. Congratulations to all the volunteers who have made the garden such a success this summer!


And finally, here is a quick August gardening reminder…….

  • Give all your containers and potted plants a feeding of fish emulsion plant food this month to give them a boost and continue to water them well throughout the rest of the summer.
  • Continue to deadhead plants to keep them blooming into the fall and cut back any fading growth.
    Gardening August 2022
  • Weed flowerbeds, so seeds don’t get into the soil to germinate for the following year.
  • And plant new perennials after August 15th to help them get established before the ground freezes in November.

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