Fog Horn July 2022

July masthead by FI Ferry District Captain John Morgan

July Issue 2022
Volume 19 • Issue 7

In this Issue:

  • FI School 2022 Commencement
  • Museum Movie Premier: The History of Race Rock Light
  • Pastor Rosanna Anderson’s Installation at Union Chapel
  • Clipper Round the World Yacht Race w/Stewart Cutler
  • FI School’s Hatfield Shines at Long Island Youth Summit
  • New Library System Benefits for All
  • Refurbishing the American Legion Sign
  • FI Post Office: One Address for all Your Mail
  • Community Center’s 2022 Online Auction
  • Fast Ferry Silver Eel in Service
  • Blood Drive on Fishers Island Thank You
  • Gardening July 2022
  • Seasonal Recipe Favorites: Summer Delights
  • Ebb and Flow
  • Classified Ads
  • Legal Notices
  • Supporting
  • Calendar Events
    and much more!
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