Fishers Island Xpress delivery service

Your Daily Fishers Chores Made Easy

This summer, the newly formed Fishers Island Xpress delivery service will offer the island community the ability to have their packages delivered from the ferry freight office directly to their home.

The service will begin July 1st and run throughout the summer.

In addition to delivering freight, Fishers Island Xpress will also cover Peapod orders, trash removal to the Fishers Island Transfer station, as well as pick-up curbside grocery store orders.

No more running down to the freight office for every Amazon order, rushing to the transfer station on the way to the ferry, or leaving the beach to pick up Peapod! The pricing for the services can be found below and if any questions arise, please reach out to To sign up for any of the memberships use the red “Sign Up For FI Xpress” button below.

Membership Options

Monthly Plans
$100 per month for package delivery
$80 per month for Peapod delivery
$100 per month for trash removal

Two-Week Plans
$60 for two-week package delivery
$50 for two-week Peapod delivery
$60 for two-week for trash removal

One-Time Fee Options
$20 per grocery store curbside pick-up
$40 for an oversize package delivery (Ex: porch furniture, paddleboards, lawn mower, etc…)

Yes, I want to Sign Up for FI Xpress

* Forms of payment include cash, checks, Venmo, Cash App

* Commercial businesses interested in any of the services listed above please email or call/text Peter Sanger at 347-277-3701 for more information

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