Births 2022

January 2, 2022             Quinn Constance Brooks to Rachele and Robert R. Brooks, III

January 17, 2022           Oliver Coleman Scholle IV to Maude Glendon and Oliver Scholle

February 5, 2022           Wells Edwin Patterson to David and Jamie Farmer Patterson

February 17, 2022         David Hunter Burnham, Jr. to David H. Burnham, Sr. and Martha Burnham

February 17, 2022          Roman Scott Pagliarulo to Meagen Lira Pagliarulo and Dante Mario Pagliarulo

February 18, 2022         Alexander David Walker to David and Maggie Walker

March 2, 2022               Carter Nicolaas Van Leeuwen to Whitney Edwards Van Leeuwen and Travis Van Leeuwen

March 16, 2022             Roya Polk Mohtasham Rutherfurd to Winthrop Pearce Rutherfurd and Aryana Mohtasham Gharagozloo

March 24, 2022             Torquato (ToTo) Patrick Bennini to Emily Cashel and Flavio Bennini

April 5, 2022                  Katherine Hope Logemann to Helen Rogers and Alex Logemann

May 24, 2022                 Anne Hopkins Carroll to Sarah Hopkins Carroll and Brian Carroll

June 5, 2022                  Lyla Rose Santos to Brittany Santos-Derieg and Jonathan Santos. Joe Rogan is a greatgrandpa!

June 10, 2022                 Jack Alexander Ochse to Emily and Alex Ochse

July 2, 2022                    Elias Charbel Francis to Natalie Albrittain Ross Francis and Said Francis


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