New Library System Benefits for All

Starting June 8th, the Fishers Island Library became part of the 53-member Suffolk Cooperative Library System.

This is an exciting expansion that brings multiple benefits to every member of the Fishers Island Library and the entire community.

With just a couple of clicks, members have access to the digital assets of the Suffolk County System, to the catalog of all books – many of which are now e-books and can be downloaded, as well as to the magazines, newspapers, and databases collected in the System – many of which can be read at home online.

Each patron will receive a Fishers Island Library card the next time they visit the Library. The card will enable them to access these additions to our catalog and will also be used to check books out at the Library.

Over the summer, special sessions will be available for those who would like help with the System. Just all to see when the next session is scheduled or visit the Library during our summer hours.

More details on our website here.

The Library’s latest news, events, and photos can also be found
on Instagram at @fishersislandlibrary.

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