Blood Drive on Fishers Island

The current advisory of a national blood supply shortage has reminded us all of the importance of donating.

The Fishers Island community is very fortunate to have an opportunity to help host a Blood Drive on Fishers Island, NY, thanks to the efforts of the CT Blood Center (CTBC) in making it possible.

Date: Friday, June 3
Time: 9:00 am- 2:00 pm
Location: Fishers Island School GYM
Appointments: ALL Made Ahead Online (CLICK RED BUTTON)


NOTE: If all the appointments are taken, please contact Jane Ahrens (see below) if you would like to be on a call list if a spot becomes available.

Participation is welcome in a variety of ways:

  • Sign up to be a donor, make your appointment online with the CT Blood Center

Volunteer to help the Day of:

  • Volunteer to be a classroom sub for the short time a teacher may need coverage while donating
  • Volunteer to host at the door welcoming donors
  • Volunteer to help with the snack time after people donate (snacks provided)
  • Volunteer to make a portion of a lunch meal for the CT Blood Center staff of 8
  • Meet the CTBC truck at School and help unload at 7:45-8:00 am
  • Assist the 6 phlebotomists to the boat for their ride back to New London at 3:30
  • Meet the CTBC truck at School at 2:30 and help reload it to be ready for the 4:45 pm ferry

We appreciate your consideration and hope you can help in some way.

Contact Jane Ahrens with volunteer questions by texting, calling or leaving a message
at (203) 801-8431, or email

Contact Christian Arsenault to help cover teachers at


Printable Blood Drive Poster

CT Blood Center’s website can answer many of your questions. Start HERE with Giving 101

Or, you may call the CT Blood Center and speak with one of their knowledgeable staff members at 401-453-8307 regarding donor eligibility.

CONNECTICUT BLOOD CENTER (CTBC) supplies blood and blood products to patients being cared for in over a dozen Connecticut hospitals. CTBC operates a hospital services blood storage depot from our Connecticut center so we can quickly and reliably get urgent or unexpected orders to local hospitals. CTBC is operated by the Rhode Island Blood Center, a part of the New York Blood Center Enterprises family with more than five decades of experience saving lives by ensuring a safe and plentiful blood supply to the patients and hospitals we serve. CTBC is also part of the National Marrow Donor Program, registering individuals throughout New England to become lifesaving stem cell donors for patients who need a transplant to survive.

*What is a Phlebotomist? Phlebotomists, or phlebotomy technicians, are health care professionals who collect blood samples from patients for tests, transfusions or donations.

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