ICB Minutes May 10, 2022 w/recording

P.O. Box 371, Fishers Island, NY 06390
Email: ficommunityboard@gmail.com

ICB Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Zoom Meeting

Total Participants: 60+

ICB Meeting—May 10th


1)       Approval of Minutes, April 12th meeting
2)       Financial Report—John McGillian
3)       IHP update—Chris Ingram
4)       FI Blood Drive 6/3/22—Jane Ahrens
5)       Proposed Peconic Bay Tax increase—Willard
6)       Communications Report—Nate
7)       Health Insurance issues—Willard/Nate
8)       FI School Update—Christian Arsenault
9)       Town Liaison Report—Beth Cashel
10)    Misc Updates—Willard

The ICB meets monthly in a public forum with the community to review and discuss Island priorities. Minutes of monthly ICB meetings are posted on the ICB website at https://fishersisland.net/about-fishers-island/island-community-board/ (here) when they are approved. Recording are posted after rendering.


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