World Class Daffodil Expert Visits Fishers Island

Bulbs as Companion Plants

Editor’s Note: Brent and Becky, thank you for coming to visit Fishers Island!
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Whether you are planning to plant bulbs in a fresh, newly prepared empty garden, or whether you are adding them to an already existing one, Brent and Becky Heath, 3rd generation bulb growers and owners of Brent and Becky’s Bulbs from Gloucester, Virginia, will have the answers for you!

With exquisite images illustrating the seminar, they will introduce you to the best of the best…the right bulbs for the right spots. They’ll show you how to combine bulbs, perennials, annuals, ground covers and flowering shrubs that will create just the feeling you want to generate for three seasons in your garden. After seeing and experiencing this demonstration or the talk, or the walk, you’ll leave with information and inspiration to produce a garden that you, your neighbors and friends will enjoy all year.


May 7 and 8, 2022, DAFFODIL WEEKEND
Pick and choose what you would like to do!

Saturday, May 7, 10:30AM, Community Center (Elizabeth Reid)
Demonstration, Questions, and Box Lunch with Brent and Becky Heath

Saturday, May 7, 3:00PM, Ferguson Museum (Pierce Rafferty)
Illustrated Lecture “Bulbs as Companion Plants” by Brent Heath
Free of Charge

Sunday, May 8, 11:00AM “Hooverness”, Armstrong Garden
Walking Tour with Brent, Whitney, and Mike
Free of Charge

Brent Heath
Brent grew up in Gloucester. He is a naturalist, an author, a photographer, a speaker, a daffodil hybridizer and a gardener. Because of achievements in all of these areas of expertise, he has won many gold medal awards from various organizations in the horticultural industry. 

Becky and Brent Heath

One of Brent’s greatest joys is sharing his love of all things natural in the world and inspiring people of all ages and experiences to look at the world around them in a different, eye-opening way. He has helped them understand how to take care of the earth for the next crop and/or for future generations. His plans for the future are to continue to play in his garden and care for the earth while encouraging others to do the same!    

Brent helped Tom Armstrong layout the daffodil fields at Hooverness.

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