Refurbishing the American Legion Sign

The American Legion has been receiving an ongoing facelift over the past few years as volunteers’ time, talent and funding have become available. In 2018 when the main hall was cleaned and painted, the huge exterior sign was taken down so the shingles could be repaired and the sliding doors on the deck could be replaced.

The sign was in a tired state, having been exposed to the elements for years and showing signs of rot in spots. Fortunately it was originally made of solid hardwood and primed and painted with boat paint.

Allan Esenlohr was the man who carved and created the sign when he worked at Pirates Cove Marine and the Legion Post #1045 reached out to him for advice with the refurbishing. Allan was able to share the ‘how tos’ including the primer, paint type and color, gold leaf and gold paint types.

This winter Pete Wall at Pirates Cove took on the job of refurbishing the sign. After a good sanding, rot and holes repaired, priming and painting with sevreral layers of boat paint it looks fabulous and is almost new again. It just needs to have the lettering finished and should be hanging over the Legion’s new deck by Memorial Day weekend.

Thank you to Chip duPont and Karla Heath at Pirates Cove, and Pete Wall for the beautiful work, Luis Horn, and Ace Ahrens for transporting, and to Allan Esenlohr for his useful advice.

A work still in progress, click any image for a larger version:



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