Horseshoe Crabs: Our Dinosaurs need Protecting

ABC7NY News:

NEW YORK (WABC) – If you’ve ever gotten a vaccine, including the COVID vaccine, you have a very unlikely creature to thank. The horseshoe crab.

For the last 40 years, the blue blood from the horseshoe crab, a creature which predates the dinosaurs and has survived all of Earth’s five mass extinctions, has been used to safely manufacture vaccines, medicines, and vitamins.

Now scientists have access to a synthetic version.

But, Dr. John Tanacredi, who operates the only horseshoe crab breeding facility in the Western Hemisphere, which is located in West Sayville. believes the harvesting of horseshoe crabs for bait is the main factor causing horseshoe crabs to be considered a “vulnerable species.”

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Shared with permission from ABC7NY News April 21, 2022

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April 27, 2022

Support for a ban on horseshoe crab fishing is growing in the Connecticut General Assembly.

But for the proposal to become law, Connecticut’s State Senators need to hear from you now.

Please ask your state Senator to vote yes on HB 5140, An Act Concerning the Hand-Harvesting of Horseshoe Crabs in the State.

The number of horseshoe crabs in Long Island Sound has plummeted over the years.

The ban would help protect these ancient animals.

And because horseshoe crab eggs are an essential source of food for migrating shorebirds, the ban would help protect Red Knots, Semipalmated Sandpipers and other species whose populations have dwindled.

The 2022 legislative session in Hartford ends next week so please act now.

Please use this link to send an email to your state Senator in Hartford. 


Ask your State Senator to VOTE YES on HB 5140.

Thank you!

Milan Bull
Senior Director of Science and Conservation

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