Gardening May 2022

From Mélie’s Garden

Spring has finally  come to Fishers Island! The Ospreys have returned to their nests and work is starting again at the new Community Garden by the Legion. But there have been many very windy days in April making outside work not all that pleasant to do, so there is quite a bit of catching up for those of us living in exposed areas on the Island.

This month continue to remove any broken branches on trees and prune back overgrown shrubs before they start to really leaf out. Finish fertilizing with Hollytone on acid loving plants and feed your roses again with organic fertilizer and a tablespoon of Epsom salts. Then complete any transplanting and weeding before putting down mulch on your flower beds.

This year one of my flowerbeds needed a big makeover. I removed thousands of grape hyacinths that had spread and I took out many over grown perennials and divided them. Some I replanted in the bed and others I put elsewhere or in the compost. It is a tough thing to do, but after a number of years it becomes necessary in most perennial gardens. It also gives you a good excuse to find a new plant to try to put in an empty space or add to the color scheme.

Last month I wrote about Brent Heath of Brent and Becky’s Bulbs coming to the Island. All of the lovely daffodils we enjoy at the Armstrong’s garden came from their nursery in Gloucester, Virginia. Brent will be having a daffodil growing workshop at the Community Center on Saturday morning May 7th. He will also give a lecture at the Museum on Companion Planting with Daffodils that afternoon. This will be a great treat for gardeners on the Island, so I hope many of you will attend. Learn more HERE

Also, those interested in landscape design, should know that Frederick Law Olmsted’s 200th Birthday is this August. He was a fascinating man of many interests in addition to landscape architecture of which he was famous. His Olmsted Brother’s Landscape firm planned the development of the East End of Fishers Island in 1926 and it was revised by them in 1928 to create larger lots. In addition, they also designed the beautiful landscape around the O’Keefe’s house on the Island. We are all very fortunate that the Ferguson brothers had the foresight to hire his firm.

Preliminary Plan for Property of Fishers Island Club by Olmsted Brothers – Landscape Architects, Brookline, MA – June 1826 – Revised June 1828. Map photo c/o John Doucette

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