Fog Horn April 2022

Fire Department drill with EMTs and the firefighters burning the sections of the driving range Tuesday, March 29, 2022, temp at 39ºF. April issue masthead. Photo by Jane T. Ahrens

Volume 19 • Issue 4

In this Issue:

  • This Month at the Museum: New Osprey Cam
  • ICB seeking broad participation to build basis for a Long-Term Plan for Fishers Island
  • Southold Tree Code: Working Draft
  • Sidewalk Maintenance, Debris Removal, & Reporting Responsibilities
  • Photos Wanted for 2022 Museum Exhibits Year Round and Winter
  • Fiber Arts Community Project
  • Worried about Alzheimer’s? Nick Wilmerding Brings Groundbreaking Tests to FI Residents
  • Job Posting: Fishers Island School Science Teacher
  • Job Posting: Fishers Island School Music Teacher
  • Gardening April 2022
  • World Class Daffodil Expert to Visit Fishers Island, May 7 & 8
  • Seasonal Recipe Favorites: Spring into the Kitchen
  • Ebb and Flow
  • Classified Ads
  • Legal Notices
  • Supporting
  • Calendar Events
    and much more!
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