Fishers Shape Decal Stickers – For Sale

Are you in need of that perfect Fishers Island map shape decal?

You and yours may need one for your car, water bottle, or lunch box!

Joanne Burr, former Fishers Island School teacher and owner of the much-loved Gold & Silver Shop, is selling her remaining collection of Fishers Island stickers. She has hundreds in a wide variety of colors and sizes from 1/2” to 16”+.

A portion of the proceeds from the decal sales will be generously donated to benefit the Fishers Island Scholarship Fund administered by St. John’s Church. “For the children”, Joanne says.

Please call Joanne for specifics and purchase at (201) 288-1157.

Do you have a memory of the Gold & Silver candy store to share? Joanne would love to see old photos of visits to the shop and hear your memories!

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